DIY Button Hairpins

DIY Button Hairpins

I have always wanted Barbie style super stylish hairpins. But, the prices charged for such pins in the market are way too high. So, the best option was to make my own stylish hairpins. I used colorful buttons and simple hairpins to make some really cool and funky ones.

What you need

1) Colorful Buttons
2) Super glue
3) Plain Hairpins


There have always been two things that have fascinated me – Dolls and Accessories. So this weekend I decided to quench my childhood fetish. I convinced my friend to accompany me to the market to purchase some hair accessories for myself. In addition, nothing can be better than having Barbie doll style hair clips that are cool and funky.

I came back disappointed, as prices charged were exorbitant. After much thought, I came up with the notion, to use my crafty side and create something of my own choice. This is what I ended with.

Get a few simple hairpins from the market and transform them into stylish accessories. For hairpins you can select a color of your choice. You can even make these hairpins for a special dress or may be for your birthday.


Use a strong glue to stick your buttons to the hairpin. Help your kids while they glue. Start by sticking a button on the flat part of the hairpin.

Add more colorful buttons on top of the first button for a more Barbie like stylish look. Make your own designs and have fun!

Make a few more!

You can even use buttons to make cool and funky button rings for kids. Wear them and have fun!

They even make as great gifting ideas. Gift it to friends and family. They will surely love them.


  1. I made these a couple years ago, regardless of what kind of glue you use the 1st time you snap open that hair clip all the beads pop right off…rather embarrassing when you’re giving it as a gift. I don’t recommend this project, you’ll want to try using monofilament or something similar.

  2. Chaiti Jain says

    Thank you Catherine! Do share your grandchildren’s view

  3. Love it and am going to try it with my grandchildren xx

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