Plushie – Mary Pinkins

Plushie – Mary Pinkins

This plushie soft toy pattern shows you how to sew your very own adorable character we called "Mary Pinkins".

What you need

Felt or Polar Fleece Material
Toy Wadding/Filling
Embroidery thread
Needle and thread


Start by downloading the patterns:

Mary Pinkins Pattern 1

Mary Pinkins Pattern 2

Shoes and legs (cut 2)

Place your template with the back to the fold, stitch down the front seam, rightside facing inwards. Stitch the sole into place. Make both shoes the same.

Now stitch doen the sides of both legs to make a tube. Sew the shoe so the seam is down the back.

Arms (cut 2)

With rightside facing inwards, sew down the seams. Turn and fill with wadding. Make both arms the same.

Ears (cut 4)

Sew two pieces (on in contrast color) together and turn right side out. Make both ears the same.


Now stitch your two body pieces together right side facing inwards. Dont forget to stitch your ears, legs and arms in place as you go. (facing inwards)

Stitch both sides and top, do not sew across the bottom.

Body Base

Stitch your base in place with the legs facing inwards, leave a gap for turning and filling with Toy Filling or Wadding . Sew up the gap.


Decorate the face using the templates. This pattern uses buttons for the eyes, but for safty for infants you could sew on felt or use embroidery thread.


Cut 2 large circles and 1 small circle and band from the pattern above.

Sew the two larger circles together, then cut a small circle out the middle. Stitch your band around the small hole and sew into place. Now sew the small circle on top.

Fill inside with wadding and then stitch to the head.


  1. Super lindo!!!!!! adorable. Muchas gracias.

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