Easy-to-Make Homemade Body Spray

Easy-to-Make Homemade Body Spray

Feel fresh instantly with the citrusy scent of this homemade body spray. It is extremely easy to make and you probably already have the ingredients in your kitchen.

With just four ingredients plus the tools for mixing, you can make your very own non-abrasive, non-toxic body spray with no artificial coloring and no chemicals or ingredients that you can’t pronounce.

What you need

Peels from 4 oranges
Distilled Water
Drops of Vanilla Flavor
1 Tsp vinegar

Other items you will need for mixing and bottling:

Clean Spray Bottle(s)
Glass container with cover
Coffee Filters

Important Notes:
1) Please ensure that all the things you will use while preparing the body spray are clean or have been sterilized.
2) Most of the time needed for this project takes place as the oranges steep overnight. Hands-on time is very minimal.


Step 1

Put the orange peels in a pot and fill it with water, just enough that each peel will be soaked. No need for them to be fully submerged.


Step 2

Cover the pot, bring it to boil, then turn off the heat. Leave the orange peels in the covered pot overnight.


Step 3

Notice that some of the water will be gone the next day. Also, you will notice that the liquid has acquired a yellow tinge from the orange peels. The liquid will also feel slightly oily and that is a good thing.


Step 4

Place a sieve on the rim of the container that will store your final product, then put a coffee filter inside the sieve. Pour your orange peel concoction into the filter, peels and all. Allow all the liquid to drip into the glass jar.


Step 5

Once the golden liquid has filtered through, remove the filter with the orange peels and discard. Using another container, pass the liquid through another clean coffee filter and sieve.


Step 6

Using a fresh coffee filter, add ½ cup of water to the liquid. Make sure to use distilled water.


Step 7

Add a few drops of vanilla flavor and a teaspoon of vinegar. The vinegar will act as a preservative and vanilla will tone down the strength of the orange scent. Add some additional water if necessary. Feel free to play with the measurements to reach the desired strength of the scent.


Step 8

Transfer your body spray concoction into one big spray bottle. You can also use small ones that fit easily into your purse. Cover any remaining mixture and store in a cool place away from direct light. It is best to make small batches and do not use beyond one month.


This spray is great as a daily spritz in your morning routine, or an on-the-go freshen up after the gym. These easily transform into wonderful gifts by mixing up the containers and adding a colorful label or ribbon.

Peel, soak, mix, spray, and…voila! Your fresh new scent will now linger delicately in the air, leaving others wondering what that delightful smell is.

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