Beaded Easter Bunny Wreath

Beaded Easter Bunny Wreath

This bunny wreath is all about bringing a playful touch to your space. With beads that look like blooming flowers and cute bunny ears, this wreath is like a breath of fresh air for your home. Get ready to have some fun crafting and bring a burst of Easter excitement into your living space!

What you need

2 Beaded wreaths from dollar tree
Wire cutters
Floral wire
Hot glue gun
Coral Dahlia Flowers
Eucalyptus or Boxwood florals


To begin crafting your adorable bunny wreath, start by gently bending back the wire that closes one of the beaded wreaths. This simple step will allow the beads to easily slide off and be threaded onto the wire for your wreath. Once the beads are removed, you’re ready to shape the floral wire into bunny ear shapes.

The Dollar Tree package provides a generous amount of floral wire, so feel free to create ears that are the perfect size for your wreath. I opted for slightly larger ears to ensure they stood out prominently against the wreath.

Next, wrap one end of the wire around the other beaded wreath to secure it in place. This will serve as the base for attaching the ears. As you thread the beads onto the wire, consider the amount needed to achieve your desired ear shape. I found that wrapping the wire once around the middle of the wreath and then forming the next ear shape worked well for maintaining symmetry.

Once both ears are formed and secured to the wreath form, consider reinforcing their attachment with a bit of hot glue at the base for added stability. In my experience, the wire held up remarkably well on its own, but the extra security provided peace of mind.

Now, it’s time to add some floral accents to your wreath. Using wire cutters, trim some boxwood and select a beautiful dahlia flower. For added detail, carefully remove two leaves from the Dahlia flower and attach them to the wreath form with hot glue. Arrange the boxwood, Dahlia flower, and leaves to your liking, securing them in place with additional hot glue as needed.

To ensure easy hanging, attach a piece of string to the top of the wreath. This will not only add functionality but also provide a charming finishing touch to your DIY creation. With the base of your bunny wreath complete, it’s time to move on to adding the final touches and bringing your vision to life!


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