Crochet Duck

Crochet Duck

This is a very simple crochet project for beginners and is great for attaching to a purse or backpack.

What you need

2 Shades of yellow yarn
Orange Yarn
Blue yarn
Any Size Crochet Hook
19 USA size knitting needles
Felting needle tool or plastic needle


Body and Head:

Chain with the yellow yarn on the crochet hook. Keep stringing until you have approx. 75 this could be your head or body. This depends on how big you want your duck to be. Then to make it a circle roll it up like a measuring tape.

Then you can use the the felting needle tool to keep it from unravaling. Then do that over for the other body part. Either bigger or smaller to fit you desired size.

Bill: Chain with three strands of orange yarn and ch 6. Then end it. After that you can fold it in 1/2 and use the felting needle tool to keep together (again)

Feet: Cast on 2 w/ 6 strands of orange yarn. Than knit two lines (making a 2×2 square)

Attaching and Eyes: Now this is quite simple you can simply use the felting needle tool or a plastic needle threaded with yellow yarn (that works better) and use a simple stitch to stitch it all together.

For eyes use the stitch in the desired spot on the head. You must have the needle threaded with blue yarn. You can than make the eye and shape or size. I simply did a tack stitch and did it three times in the same place.

Other: This craft can be altered to meet your specific needs and wants. You can use different colors, add embellishments, give the duck cloths or use this method for a different animal.

Contributed by prancie (Desi).

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