DIY Yard Art: Garden Mosaic Blocks

DIY Yard Art: Garden Mosaic Blocks

Create these large garden or yard art structures using tiles and aerated concrete blocks.

What you need

Aerated Concrete blocks (lightweight)
Ceramic tiles
Two tubes of silicone sealant
Two tubes of Selley’s all fix adhesive.


I used four pieces to create the display above. I glued two together to create a wide pillow.

These lightweight concrete blocks can also be cut to size with a hand saw. If you can not get the aerated lightweight blocks use standard blocks but put them into place before starting.

Cover your block with tiles in the sequence you want.  Once covered leave it to dry until firmly bonded. (Follow instructions on adhesive).


Next you want to seal the joins with the silicone by squeezing a bead of silicone into place. Use a damp cloth to clean up any over spill. (Follow instructions on silicone).


Allow to dry and you are finished. Try this project using broken tiles for a more mosaic finish.

What do you think of this project? Let us know!