Treasure Rocks

Treasure Rocks

These DIY treasure rocks are great for parties and hide and seek games for schools and preschools. You just use some flour, dirt, sand and salt to make a great interactive game.

What you need

2 1/2 cups Flour
2 1/2 cups of Dirt
1 cup Sand
1 1/2 cups of Salt
Small Gemstones or Plastic Rhinestones
(available from toys stores)


To make the dough mix all the dry ingredients together.

Gradually stir in enough water so that the mix holds together like a dough.

Shape handfuls of dough around the gemstones into rock shapes.

Give these rocks up to 4 days to dry and then you can let the kids discover them in the garden. They can open them with a hammer or rock.

This activity is great for lessons on gold mining and discovery.

Looking for more salt dough projects? check these salt dough crafts out.

If you are looking for an airdrying clay as an alternative I highly recommend Das Airdrying white clay  I have been using it for over 30 years and it never fails me.


  1. what a fantastic idea only tip i would sujest is to change your font colour on the web page as it is a little hard to read anything cheers

  2. Just made these with my 5 yr old. It was so easy and he loved it. We put little plastic dinos in for a birthday present for a friend. I hope they dry thouroughly. That is my only concern.

  3. Used this for my son’s “Pirate” Birthday Party. We filled many of the rocks with gemstones, but also made lots without stones, and placed them in plain sight all over the yard. They got SO EXCITED when they DISCOVERED TREASURE in one.

  4. kids will love this project cause i sure think its cool

  5. yeah this is great! i love the ” dig up the dino” things you can buy! put little plastic animals inside!

  6. this is soooo much fun!!!

  7. thid would be fun for big kids too. Use loonies instead of gemstones.

  8. I’ll bet kids would love these! Cool idea!

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