Wedding Favor Tea Cups

Wedding Favor Tea Cups

This project is an ideal wedding favour. It is easy to make and is something functional and original.

What you need

Dainty or retro tea cups with saucers.

Sweets to fill your tea cup.

1 inch Ribbon that co-ordinates with your cups and wedding theme.


You will need to find a source for inexpensive tea cups and saucers. You could try china second shops or even seek antique looking settings from thrift stores.
Choose some Candy – Chocolate coated Coffee beans would be perfect, but sweets like sugared almonds would also look nice.
Wrap these sweets up in some cellophane and place inside the cup.
Take your ribbon and secure the saucer and the cup with a big loose bow.
Candy can be bought in bulk from wholesalers, check to see if they will sell bulk to you to save on your expenses.


  1. This is an adorable idea. I love it!

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