DIY Triangle Burlap Purse

DIY Triangle Burlap Purse

Looking for a 5 minute craft marathon? Here's a perfect project to get started.

What you need

1. Felt
2. Scissors
3. Needle and thread
4. Yarn or felt thread



Step-1: You can use 2 different color or 1 color as you wish. Cut out a square pattern from the burlap fabric. You will need 2 pieces of these.

Step-2: Fold the square patterns into half as shown in this picture. Cut them into triangle patterns (keep 1 inch straight part in each 3 corners of the triangle) by keeping the closed end along the middle line of the triangle.

Step-3: Fold any 2 adjacent sides of triangle and secure the fold with running stitch. Do same for the other piece.

Step-4: Insert any 1 folded triangle pattern into the other triangles fold, like this picture.

Step-5: This is how it’ll look like after inserting one triangle into the other one ( see 1st picture of the collage). Trim the extra parts of the triangles, leveling them at the bottom edge.Prepare needle and thread. Simply do running stitch to secure the bottom side of the bag.

Step-6: Stitch the joints of the triangle pieces to secure the sides of the bag. Use 2-3 strands of burlap threads to make the handle or use any kind of strong thread to make the handle. The possibility is endless, you can use ribbon for the handle as well. Simply glue or stitch the handle with the purse. And done!

This purse can be great for regular use and grocery shopping.

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