Creating a Scrapbook Shadowbox of Memories

Creating a Scrapbook Shadowbox of Memories

If you've recently gone on a vacation, you probably have plenty of photos, souvenirs, and mementos. Although you can certainly use these photos in a traditional photo album or scrapbook, you can also create an attractive piece of art to hang on your wall using a standard shadowbox frame.

What you need

Shadowbox picture frame (these are available in a 12×12 inch size, which can be perfect to use with a standard piece of scrapbook paper)
One or more pieces of scrapbook paper
Photo split adhesive squares, glue, or other adhesives
Scrapbook accessories such as stickers and ribbons, if desired
Velcro buttons, foam adhesive squares, and other materials that can be used to attach three-dimensional objects inside the frame.
Collection of photos and mementos which are small enough to fit comfortably inside the frame


Scrapbook shadowboxes also work well for family photos, or to commemorate almost any other event such as a graduation, wedding, the birth of a baby, or a holiday.

Step 1: Choose your overall theme for the scrapbook shadowbox. Then, collect photos, scrapbook papers, accessories, souvenirs, and mementos that fit the overall theme. If you don’t want to cut up the original photos, you can scan them, then print and cut them out into whatever shape or size is necessary.

Step 2: Cut a piece of cardboard that fits perfectly in the back of the shadowbox frame. Then, cover the cardboard with either a single piece of scrapbook paper or several pieces applied in a creative fashion. This will be the overall background for your scrapbook display.

Step 3: Cut your photos to size using scissors or a paper trimmer so that they fit properly into the frame. You can use as many different photos as you want, arranging them in an artistic manner. It can be helpful to not use any glue, tape or other adhesives during this beginning stage, as you may want to try several different arrangements before you come up with one you like.

Step 4: Using your collection of mementos and souvenirs as inspiration, add some items to the shadowbox frame. If these items are important or have a lot of sentimental appeal, you might want to scan them first and use a printed copy of them when you add them to your shadowbox creation. Remember to choose at least a few items that are three-dimensional, to add depth and visual interest to the shadowbox arrangement.

Step 5: Once you’ve decided on a visually pleasing arrangement, remove the items from the frame, taking care to lay them on the table in the desired order so that you can re-create your arrangement. Then, using photo split adhesive squares, glue, or tape, attach the photos and other paper portions of the arrangement to the background paper. Velcro buttons, adhesive foam squares, and other adhesive products can be used to attach the three-dimensional pieces.

Step 6: Once everything is in place and has dried, reassemble the shadowbox frame and glass. Then, hang the finished creation on the wall so that you can enjoy your creation. regularly features articles by Alyssa Davis on decorating with metal wall art and silver metal wall art.

Photo by graphia

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