Kids Craft – Christmas Corks & Button Tree

Kids Craft – Christmas Corks & Button Tree

This Christmas craft is all about recycling wine corks and buttons. It is an adorable way to upcycle for Christmas.

What you need

Wine corks
Plant Pot
Craft Glue
Ribbon or Washi Tape


This tutorial shows you how to make a stacked Christmas tree using wine corks and recycled buttons.

For this project, you can use recycled and upcycled wine corks and buttons or buy them for the purpose of this project.

You will need a terracotta pot to form the base.  Begin by panting your pot and decorating with ribbon or Christmas Washi tape. 

Next, glue the corks into place to form a tree stack as shown, but don’t glue it onto the pot just yet. Once it is stuck together laye it down so the ends are looking up at you, this will make it easier for the buttons to glue into place as they will be flat and not slide off.   Decorate each cork with layers of buttons and glue into place.

Glue the corks onto the pot base.

This photo was contributed by Jaquie  M who is a member of our Facebook Christmas Crafts group. 


  1. Pat Macleod says

    Love this idea and may try similar with milk bottle tops

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