Wave Jars

Wave Jars

You will find in time that the oil in this project will separate and the jar will look more like a wave.

What you need

Baby Food Jars
Blue Food Colouring
Corn Oil


Fill your Baby Food Jar halfway with warm water.

Then fill the remainder of the jar with Corn Oil.

Then add two drops of Food Coloring.

Screw on the lid tight and shake until it mixes.

Wait for the oil to separate. And voila! The jar looks like a wave!


  1. did this with my bro’s a while back but in a big glass bottle. So fun!

  2. We made something like this about 25 years ago and I loved it.Its awesome to watch. Can make them in bigger jars too.

  3. i love it!!1

  4. Cool

  5. I like the craft and for our school project we are using it to sell for money for a school trip.

  6. You can add foil confetti instead of glitter to get the same effect

  7. DisneyDancer1986 says

    What would be neat is if you could add glitter or omething of the sort to it, though, I don’t know if the glitter would clump or not, but it’s worth a try!

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