Magnetic Advent Calender

Magnetic Advent Calender

Create a unique countdown to Christmas with a cookie sheet, some paper and lots of imagination. Here are the steps for creating a cute Christmas countdown board.

What you need

Cookie sheet (non-aluminum) 17×15
Adhesive (spray works well to stick on metal)
Scrapbook pattern paper and cardstock
Stamps (stamp numbers)
Chipboard letters (to spell “December”)
Ink pads
Mini match boxes
Hershey’s Miniatures candy bars
Magnet tape


Christmas countdown calendars are popular among children young and old. You can buy the traditional countdown calendars with the window that has a chocolate inside or do your countdown on the chalk board signs, but wouldn’t it be more fun to make your own calendar?

First, cover your cookie sheet with your patterned papers (a Christmas themed pattern works well for this project). Do this by spraying your adhesive directly on the cookie sheet or just spray it on back of the paper and place it on the inside of metal cookie sheet.

Once the cookie sheet is covered then your can ‘ink’ or stain your chipboard letters. They can be colored easily by rubbing them on the ink pad directly or another option is to cover the letters with paper by cutting out the shape and gluing it to the letter.

Now, take your mini candy bars and cover them with strips of paper. You will cut the paper so that it covers the candy bar like a wrapper (measure the length and width of the candy bar in order to get the correct size). If you are using mini matchboxes then wrap the entire box and the sides of the insert so that box looks like a wrapped present. After you cover your candy bars or the matchboxes then you are ready to apply the numbers.

On the candy bar calendar the numbers are underneath the candy bars. Cut out or punch out shapes to stick on to the cookie sheet like a calendar (one for each number 1-25). Then stamp the numbers on the shapes and place the covered candy bar on top with a magnet so it stays on the board. If you are using match boxes then put the number right on the box. Stamp out different styles or shapes of numbers to make the calendar festive and unique. Include a prize in each box such as a coin or small ornament for the tree. Place a magnet on the back of the match boxes as well so that they stick to the calendar.

Decorate the boxes any way you wish you can include ribbons buttons or other decorations if desired.

Make sure you do not put prizes that are too heavy in your matchboxes or you might have problems getting the magnets to stay on the calendar. When your calendar is completed you can proudly display it in your home and you and your family can use it to countdown the days until Christmas. This calendar can be refilled or you can replace the candy bars each year so that you have it to use year after year. It is so versatile that it can be changed or altered it a little each year to make it exciting for your children.

Magnetic Advent Calendar With Numbers

Magnetic Advent Calendar With Numbers


  1. Misty412 says

    This absolutely the best idea ever. I loved them as a kid. Now I can make them at home!

  2. Cute idea. Would make great gift as well.

  3. what a novel idea will make it with my grandchildren and my church children

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