Fake Halloween Bruises

Fake Halloween Bruises

Halloween is the only time we would suggest that you use this project!

What you need

Eye shadows in blue, yellow, charcoal grey and green


These fake bruises will leave your guests wincing.

Start by layering the eye shadows beginning with blue.

Add blots of grey, blue and green.

Layer the colors until you have a bruise like coloring.

Add a little green and yellow to the edges.

With a little bit of practice you can get some great results.


  1. kewl

  2. hahaha i loved it it works like a charm

  3. lemonpudding says

    This is ,ehh ,weird

  4. ehhh………..ok!!

  5. chinchilla_chilieboy says

    loved it and u can also use just black and red,and get the same affect!i fooled my HEALTH THEACHER AND MY NURSE!!!!!

  6. I’m gonna try it because I can just fake it to my mum and (hopefully) my doctor!

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