Knitted Scruffy The Bear

Knitted Scruffy The Bear

Scruffy is made using a Fairy Floss Chenille cobbles wool, if you can not find the same wool, using a wool that is similar in style with knots will give a similar effect.

What you need

Needles US 4 (3.5mm)

Wool Fairy Floss Fancy Chenille
Size = 8inch x 5inch (21x13cm)


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Bill & Ben,

Cobbles The Bear


Cast on 10 stitches
P 1 row.
K twice into every st = 20sts
K 5, k twice into next st, K 8.
K twice into next st, K 5 = 22 sts
Continue in St-St and work 9 rows.

K2 together to the end.
Cast off P wise.

Legs (make 2)

Cast on 8 sts.
P 1 row/
K into ever stitch = 16sts
Begin with P row and st-st 3 rows.


K3, K2 tog, K3 tog,K3 tog
K2 tog, K3 = 10 sts

Continue P1 Row
K twice into 1st and last 2t = 12st
P1 row.
St-st 7 Rows.
K2 tog to end. = 6sts
Cast off P wise.


Cast on 12 sts
P 1 row.
K twice into every st. = 24sts
begin with a P row and st-st 11 rows.


K2 tog to end. =12 sts
P1 row.

(K2 tog) K2 (K2 tog)(K2 tog)
K2 (K2 tog) = 8 sts
P 1 row.

(K2 tog) to end. = 4sts

Thread wool through remaining stitches

Draw up and fasten off.

Ears (make 2)

Cast on 6sts.
P 1 row.
Begin with K row continue in st-st and
K2 tog at end end of next 2 rows = 2sts

Now K twice into first and last stitch of next 2 rows. = 6sts
K1 row.
Cast off P wise.

Arms (make 2)

Cast on 5 sts.
K twice into every st. = 10sts
begin with P row and st-st 9 rows.

K3 (k2 tog)(k2 tog) K3 = 8sts
st-st 4 rows.
P2 tog to end. = 4sts

Thread wool through remaining stitches
Draw up and fasten off.

To make up:

Sew up seams and firmly stuff. Sew closed.

Sew pieces into place and use black wool for eyes and nose detail.


  1. wow that is freakin adorable im so gunna take it to my grandma for her to try for my sissy lol

  2. made this bear – turned out very pint sized. Used recommended needles and doubled the yarn. Would like to make a larger version – how do i adapt the pattern. Even though it was pint sized it was adorable and is being thoroughly enjoyed.

  3. what is the weight of the yarn?

    how many stitches per inch?

    if I use a chunkier yarn with size 10 needles how do I need to adapt the pattern?

  4. this is ADORABLE i’m gonna go try knit it now

  5. this would be better if there were pictures

  6. very sweet looking bear.

  7. Wow! Thats really great description and a kute pic!

  8. Doglover1028 says


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