Plastic Pumpkin Topiary – Thanks

Plastic Pumpkin Topiary –  Thanks

This Halloween or Fall tutorial shows you how to hack dollar store pumpkins to create a topiary for your front porch

What you need

6 plastic pumpkins
Craft glue or Hot glue
Fall Halloween embellishments
Tin can for base or larger pumpkin
Foam letters, cardstock or paint


For this Fall tutorial, you can take Dollar store pumpkins and turn them into a doorway topiary for your front porch.  They are so easy to make and are very decorative for Halloween. You can use these inside or as outside decorations.

You will need strong craft glue for this Halloween project.

Begin by creating the lettering, You will need one pumpkin per letter. So depending on your message.

You will need a strong base, this one uses a tin. I suggest weighing down your tin with sand or plaster of paris.

Start by stacking your pumpkins, each one should be off centre from the one before it. Keep going till you reach the top.

Next add your lettering. You could paint this on directly if you do not have the letters on hand. Make sure they are nice and thick to balance our the Halloween topiary design.

Finish of your design by adding the little embellishments making sure not to cover up the lettering.

This photo was contributed by Lisa H, We loved her version of this hack and knew we wanted to share it with you. So many thanks Lisa for allowing us to feature your design.




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