Plushie – Cheeky Chicken

Plushie – Cheeky Chicken

This sewing project shows you how to sew a plushie or soft toy using felt pieces. You can also use the same pattern for a cotton fabric or fleece.

What you need

Assorted Felt
Toy Filling/wadding
Sewing needle and thread
Embroidery ribbon


Start by printing and cutting out your pattern pieces. This pattern should fit onto an A4 sized paper for a 10 inch toy.

Cut 2 chicken body pieces in the color of your choice.

Cut 2 legs 2″ x 4″ (5 cm x 10 cm) and roll them into a tight tube and stitch them.

Cut 4 feet in orange and cut a hole in the top of 2 of them for the leg’s to push in.

Cut 1 diamond shape for the mouth and then fold in half to form the beak.

Cut 2 sections for the top of the head (the comb) and stitch them together so they stand up.

Cut out the eye pieces.

Sew around the body and leave a gap at the bottom for filling with Toy Filling or Wadding  (set aside).

Make the legs and stitch the two feet and fill slightly. Push your legs into the hole on top and stitch into place.

Close the bottom of the chicken body up stitching your legs into place as you go.


Stitch the two white circles on first, then the eye lids and the blue eye. Finish off with black embroidery thread to create the iris.

Cut in slit in the face just below the eyes where the mouth should go. Push the beak into place and secure with stitches.

Stitch your chickens comb piece on.

The worm is created by cutting a small strip of brown felt, rolling and securing with thread to create a small brown shape.

Secure it onto the face with a few stitches.

cheeky chicken with worm

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