Photo Beads

Photo Beads

These photo beads are a great way to use up the small photo index cards you receive with photo processing.

What you need

Clear marbles (the ones with one flat side, can be found at any craft store)
photo index cards
Clear Silicone or PVA (white)craft glue or modge podge.


Cut a piece of cardboard or paper backing the size of your marble. Then glue your image onto the cardboard. Then Glue the marble to the top side of the picture so that you can still see the picture.

Let it dry.

When the glue dries you will be able to see the picture through the marble.

Then use these beads as magnets or jewelry pieces.

You can wire wrap them or adhere them to frames for some fun projects.


  1. How can I make jewelry out of these?

  2. omg how is this supposed to be a bead if you caant put it through tor on a wire/string wow this makes no sense!!!!!!!!!!

  3. would card stock paper with photos on it work instead?

  4. even though the pictures are small the marbles magnify it which is great. I’ve been trying to do this project and well, this is encouraging me to actually do it today. 🙂

  5. I love this project!!! I make these all the time. They make really cute pins (I made a few for my school) and pendents if you make a backing for it.

    I found that instead of cardboard, attaching the picture using paper glue works really well. I painted on clear nail polish on the back of the photo and that seems to work too. Just a suggestion. 🙂 Thanks again for the cute idea!!

  6. this is so cool im always looking for photo memorbilia (spelt wrong) lol but you get my meaning a wonderful idead

  7. LOL i was going 2 post this craft—looks like u beat me 2 it!!! lol ilove making these. besides pictures u can use colored paper and stickers 2 make different pictures. its really fun!!

    😀 5 stars!! *****

  8. Great idea! You could also make personalized game pieces with this!

  9. really cute!

  10. This is so cute. I think the magnet idea is great! Thanks!

  11. i love it

  12. Wow…this really is a good idea!! FIVE STARS!!

  13. This is a great idea! Can’t wait to try it next time I get some photos developed. To all the people who don’t get what index photos are, it’s the sheet of photo paper that has small thumbnails of all the photos you got developed. It’s usually at the front

  14. Very clever

  15. What a good idea!! I knew I had been holding onto my picture index cards for a reason!!

  16. This is a really good idea and great for gifts. To make it a bit different why not try making patterns with pictures and colours on wood. E.g. One picture and next to that a bead with coulered paint on the bottom. Repeat this pattern! It turns out great!!

  17. I love this idea for Christmas ornaments, jewelry, magnets.

  18. Oh wow this is great!….Thanks for sharing. TP in Texas.

  19. Great idea for cartoon pictures and flowers to. I like it. Be Creative.

  20. great idea but wouldnt the pictures have to be tiny? any way u could get bigger marbles

  21. by this way u can make a album and gift it to ur friends

  22. Can’t Wait to try this!

  23. Lost Hollow says

    Great idea! I will have to try this.

  24. lilliebx says

    What a fantastic idea. This also will look great with clear large paper weights. Perfect for any ocassion. Love it. Job well done!!

  25. Hmm…Good idea, but won’t the photos have to be super tiny small and turn kinda ugly?

  26. cool!

  27. fantastic idea

  28. fantastic idea

  29. I think this is a really good idea and will have a go. Thanks for the brilliant idea.

  30. i’ve done this with small magnets instead before i even saw it posted up here. Its really fun, to pass on the memories

  31. Love it!! Can’t wait to get started!!

  32. What size marble do you need to make a necklace with?

  33. turnipslice says

    Cute idea. (:

  34. cottoncandy2281 says

    I love tis craft- what a great idea!!!

  35. What a great craft idea! I made some for Christmas gifts using some of my photography from the last year. Since I’m using a digital camera, I just shrunk the pictures to the correct size and had them inexpensively printed at a local print shop. Thanks!

  36. angelgirl1234 says

    I love this project i’m going to make it for my mom for christmas!!!

  37. It’s very creative!

  38. i really like this idea

  39. attach magnets to the back to make fridge magnets! This is fun to make with the kids! You can also make magnetic outfits for your faces!

  40. My friend loves this she wants to make it!

  41. TravlynWomyn says

    A good concept. If using your own printer, be sure to use high quality inks and paper, let them dry several hours, then spray them – twice – with PVC-safe acrylic, or the colors will fade out.

  42. How cute!

  43. Adorable1 quick and easy Christmas craft!

  44. I love it, I am going to make one for my granmother that has all the grand kids on it.

  45. great idea!

  46. great idea never would have thought of it could also be used on scrapbook pages

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