Necklace – Crystal Beads

Necklace – Crystal Beads

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What you need

Swarovski Crystal Bead, Brass Rhinestone Bead, Pinch Bail, Tiger Tail, Iron Chain, Side Cutting Plier.



Step 1: String the beads on

First, cut out 15cm long tiger tail wire from coil.

Next, begin to slide a rhinestone bead on and then transparent crystal bead on after one;

Repeat the same processes four times. Be sure that rhinestone bead and crystal bead alternatively demonstrated.

Tips: Remember that the colors should be arranged from clear to Olivine.

Step 2: Prepare the pendant of Swarovski Crystal jewelry

First, tie the two ends tightly and cut off the excess wire part;

Second, use pinch bail to hold one rhinestone bead, making the bead pendant well connected with bail.

Step 3: Make a crystal necklace

Attach the pendant to prepared iron chain. So your necklace is done.

Till now the Swarovski Crystal jewelry is finished and our project about how to make crystal jewelry is well done. Tips here, if you want your jewelry more unique and beautiful, you can try your best to make some outstanding color match, and that will be a great success.



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