Pacifier Dummy Cover

Pacifier Dummy Cover

This sewing project shows you how to make a pacifier or Dummy cover lanyard for kids.

What you need

1 yard (1 mt) of cord – Easy to break is safest.
1 Clean Winter sock
Optional iron on patch


The cloth cover protects the pacifier/dummy  from grime as well as hides away the obvious around their neck.

Take a single sock and cut the top off around 6 inch long (15 cms). You could use patterned or embroidered socks for this project as well.


Sew a small hem across the top of the tube.

Using a running stitch draw up the top to form a small hole as shown with the blue example below. This is where your cord will thread through. You can use ribbon for the neck cord. If you are using a ribbon or cord, consider attaching a press stud for easy release to prevent choking.


Simply thread your cord through the hole and loop it around the pacifier or dummy at the bottom.

Use of this corded cover should always be supervised. It is perfect for outings where they are constantly watched.


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