Biscuit Tin Purse

Biscuit Tin Purse

This quirky recycled craft project shows you how to up-cycle a biscuit tin or food tin to create a purse or lunch box or a wine box depending on the shape and size of your tin.

What you need

Empty Biscuit tin
Heavy gauge wire
Approx 30 1/2 inch beads for handle
Metal drill bit and drill or nail and hammer


Start by taking your tin and cleaning it inside and out. Hot soapy water should remove any residue and food smells.

Allow to dry.

Take your wire and drill a suitable hole into the four corners of the top of your biscuit tin. If you tin is small you may want to use just two holes for one handle.

Both the tins shown in the pictures have different handle options. If your tin has a lid that slips on top you will need to place your handle holes on the sides as shown in the tall box version.

Measure how long you would like your handles and allow 2 inch either side for securing to the tin. Our handles are 15 inch in size.

If you do not have access to wire, you can use a coat hanger, but make sure your bead holes are big enough to thread onto the wire.

Thread one end of the wire through one side hole, working from the side of the tin, bend the wire to form a loop so that it can not slip back out of the hole.

Thread your beads and and then thread the last piece of wire through the hole and secure again, you can pull this wire tight to insure your beads come all the way down to cover the wire.

Do this for the second handle.

You could try using ribbon, cord or store bought purse handles if you want a quicker purse project.


Tin Box Purse


  1. Re getting lid off the smaller tin ~ maybe drilling or punching a hole in the center and putting an cabinet knob there to assist in opening and closing the “bag” ?

  2. cool!

  3. It’s cute, but how in the world would you pop the lid open on the little one??? I’d break my nails.

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