Newspaper Dustpan

Newspaper Dustpan

A simple and easy craft idea to turn a newspaper into a dustpan!

What you need



Fold a sheet of newspaper to page size. Fold each long edge in towards the center about 2 inches as shown below.

Fold in half by bringing up the bottom edge. Turn in the sides as shown and staple closed.

Roll the top down, staple the layers of the roll inside.

Crease the bottom fold down well with lots of pressure.

For a sharper edge run some tape of the end and press it firmly.

Newspaper Dustpan Pattern

Newspaper Dustpan Pattern


  1. This is Fabulous! I often misplace my dustpan, but there is ALWAYS a newspaper in the recycle bin! Wonderful!

  2. Magnificent.

  3. AWESOME!!! 😀

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