Sew your own furry Monster Bag

Sew your own furry Monster Bag

Use a bit of faux fur to create this fun, furry monster themed bag with this free sewing pattern and tutorial.

What you need

2 sheets of 9″x12″ fur in desired color
2 googley eyes
1 small piece of pink felt
1 small piece of white felt
black twill ribbon
hot glue
sewing machine


You will need 2 pieces of 9″x12″ felt, or larger if you want a larger tote bag.

For the face you need 2 googley eyes. You’ll also want to cut out a 3″ wide half circle from pink felt for the mouth and 3 small triangles from white felt.


1. Lay the mouth and teeth on the front piece of the bag and applique it on by stitching around the perimeter of the mouth. I only stitched across the top edge of the teeth so the bottom of the teeth are still loose and fun to play with.

IMG_7122 IMG_7123

2. Hot glue on your eyes about an inch or so above your mouth. Be sure to glue them onto the layers of fur well so that they don’t come off. You could also skip the googley eyes and stitch on felt eyes.



3. Give the tops of both pieces of fur a 1/4″ hem along the edge, using your sewing machine to stitch along it.



4. Cut 2 pieces of black twill 20″ long.



5. Flip the pieces of fur over and stitch the ends of your twill down onto the top hemmed edges, as pictured below.




6. Lay the 2 pieces of fur right sides together, pin, and stitch along both sides and the bottom, leaving the top open.  Use a 1/4″ seam allowance.







7. Flip right side out!


IMG_7130 monsterbag


What do you think of this project? Let us know!