Newspaper Apron

Newspaper Apron

Kids are sure to love this apron that they can make themselves from a old newspaper.

What you need

Sticky tape


When your newspaper apron gets dirty (as all aprons eventually do), throw it away and make a new one.

Put three sheets of newspaper together.

Fold in half the long way and cut an arc from the outer corner at the top, as shown.

Open. Fold the top edges down about 1 inch (2.5 cm).

Center a piece of string (about 20 inches (50 cm)) long inside the fold and tape the fold closed. Tie the ends of the yarn together so that the loop slips easily over your head.

Punch a hole on each side at the waist. Through the holes put strings long enough to tie around your waist. To keep the strings firmly in place, tape over at the holes.

Add pockets if desired.


  1. hi, this is very useful for kids when they learn painting.!!!!! instead of soiling their clothes, the newspaper can be put to use here… :)..nice one

  2. Good idea in general, for really messy projects that would render a cloth apron unusable, or in a pinch for craft projects for kids… And for the “recyling police”-I believe that the mantra is reduce, reuse, recycle

  3. not eco-friendly, you can’t recycle paper that has grease splatters etc on it..

  4. Great idea. This is just a sugggestion but insyed of throwing away the apron you could recycle it.

  5. this would be good for kids when they are painting and doing crafts only.

  6. This would be a fire hazard while cooking terrible idea

  7. Won’t they make your clothes all dirty?

  8. great idea along with newspaper table cloths!

  9. Good for Kid craft projects!

  10. This is a great idea because that way you get extra use out of your old newspapers, AND you can stay clean and tidy!

  11. it could easily rip when cooking and stuff!

  12. great idea! awesome for those messy projects

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