Rhinestone And Cord Twisted Bracelet

Rhinestone And Cord Twisted Bracelet

This tutorial shows you how to make a quick rhinestone and cord bracelet.

What you need

30 cm – 11 inches of 2 different cords
30cm -11 inch of Rhinestone
2 crimping clasps
2 jumprings
1 claw clasp


For my cords, I selected a fluro yellow cord, green rhinestone and green leather strapping.


Using pliers crimp the 3 ends into the clasp.


I removed the last stone to make it fit into the clasp. Leave the metal casing on as it will help secure it.


Once the end is secure, twist the cords to form a decorative design. Measure it to fit your wrist and clamp the ends into the second clamp.

Attach a jump ring on either side and a clasp.



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