Classroom Activity: Mother’s Day Card

Classroom Activity: Mother’s Day Card

This card would be great to give with some class made biscuits for mum on her special day.

What you need

Paper or Card
Paints or pencils


Use the image above as a guideline for a template.

Have the children cut out the shape during the activity or precut the shapes yourself out of cardboard or colored paper.

Have the children decorate the rolling pin with painted flowers or little pictures.


  1. My mom will love it!!!!!!!

  2. Craft Freak says

    My Mum will like it i just no she will!(I think rotfl)

  3. you should also have something for fathers

  4. sweet.dee says

    A little plain.

  5. there should be a picture

  6. i did not like it sorry

  7. Alright but not the best. But kids think it is good and great fun.

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