Painted Rose Trinket Box

Painted Rose Trinket Box

Use a variety of paints to create a trinket box using Papier Mache

What you need

Papier mache trinket box (3 x 3 x 1-1/2)
Sandpaper, 220 grit or finer
Wood Sealer
Satin-finish varnish
Tack cloth


Delta Ceramcoat
Antique White 2001
Queen Anne’s Lace 2017
Peachy Keen 2555
Desert Sun Orange 2444
Georgia Clay 2097
Stonewedge 2442
Leprechaun 2422
Forest Green 2010
Black Green 2116
Accent Metallic
Brite Gold 547

Delta Ceramcoat is the brand used by this artist and is provided to you as a guideline however you can use any craft paints to complete this project.

Small round or flat scruffy brush

Small flat shader
0 script liner

Right-click (or click and hold for Mac users) on the line drawing and save it to your hard drive. Open the image in any browser or graphics program and print. This should print out the correct size for the above trinket box. If using a different sized trinket box, either re-size the image to desirable dimension in your graphics program and then print, or use the reduce/enlarge function on a copy machine.


Repeat the same procedure to print the image of the finished trinket box.

Lightly sand the trinket box to remove any minor imperfections. Remove dust with a tack cloth and apply wood sealer. Sand again and remove dust with a tack cloth.
Basecoat the top and bottom of the trinket box inside and out with Antique White. Transfer your pattern pieces to the appropriate areas of the box.

Basecoat the flowers with Peachy Keen. Shade around the outside of the flower bowl and petals with Desert Sun Orange, using thin layers for a softer, more blended look. Also shade in the center depression of the flower bowl with Desert Sun Orange. Reinforce the shading with Georgia Clay. Using a round or small flat scruffy brush, dry brush highlights in the areas marked with X’s with Queen Anne’s Lace. The pistils and stamens are added with a liner brush using Georgia Clay. Outline the flower bowl and petals with Brite Gold on a liner brush.

Base coat the leaves with Stonewedge, shade with Forest Green and highlight with Queen Anne’s Lace. Add the lines in the leaves with a liner brush using Black Green.

The squiggly lines in the border are done with Forest Green using a liner brush and the dots between them are Brite Gold.

Comma Stroke Leaves
The comma stroke leaves and stems are done with a liner brush in Brite Gold.

Spray with two coats of satin-finish spray varnish, allowing ample drying time between coats.

This project was contributed by Tole Expressions for more free decorative painting projects and supplies please visit their website.


  1. I ‘m going to try this on a bigger box!great!

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