Lunar New Year M&M Minis Firecracker

Lunar New Year M&M Minis Firecracker

This kids craft project shows you how to recycle a M&M's mini tube into a fun firecracker. Perfect for New Years Eve, Chinese New Year and Fourth of July Kids craft projects.

What you need

a red tube of M&M Minis with the label removed
yellow or gold paper
red round label
scissors and glue


First, cut out whatever design you’d like to use. I cut up an old red envelope. You could make a paper cutting or print out dragons or lucky symbols to use.

Glue it on to the tube.

Take a small rectangle of your yellow paper and cut some fringe. Then roll the paper and glue to make the fuse.

Punch a hole in the middle of your circle label. If you don’t have red, you can use white and color it with a red Sharpie. Insert the fuse into the hole. Make small cuts at the base so you can flip out the tabs.

Attach to the lid and you’re done.

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