DIY Cherry Blossom Wreath

DIY Cherry Blossom Wreath

This craft tutorial shows you how to make an elegant gold hoop wreath featuring cherry blossom blooms.

What you need

Cherry Blossom Gold Hoop Wreath


Pink Cherry Blossom Flowers

Lamb’s Ear leaf

Gold Hoop ( I got mine from Joann with a coupon but I think other stores carry them)

Wire Cutters

4 zip ties

Glue Gun



Using your wire cutters, trim down the lamb’s ear and the cherry blossom leaving a few inches of the stem available to use to attach to the gold hoop

Next lay both ends of the lamb’s ear so the leaves are opposite of each other and the stems are together. Using 2 zip ties, attach the stems to the hoop

Do the same process with the cherry blossom flowers, using the remaining 2 zip ties. Next using the wire cutters trim the remaining pieces of the zipties so they don’t stick out.

Next using hot glue, add a small amount to one of the lamb’s ears on either side of the hoop

I added some hot glue to the cherry blossom stems to make sure they were secured.

What do you think of this project? Let us know!