Name Setting – Water Lilly

Name Setting – Water Lilly

Create a name setting that the kids will love to make using craft foam.

What you need

White paper
Glue Dots
Green craft foam
Green acrylic paint
Wiggle eyes
A small stone
Tacky glue
Scrap of yellow yarn
Fine point black marker
Craft foam letters


Cut a 5-inch circle from green craft foam. Cut a curved wedge from the circle to create the lily pad.

Cut elongated paddle-shaped petals from white paper. Each four-inch piece should consist of two petals, which will be secured and bent at the center creating two distinct petals.

Layer the petals using Glue dots at the center of each layer. Crease each petal to give it dimension and to “fluff” up the water lily.

Separate each strand from a scrap of yellow yarn and secure to the center of the lily with glue.

Glue the lily to the lily pad.

Paint a small stone with the acrylic paint to create the frog’s body.

Cut the frog’s legs from the green craft foam and glue them to the frog.

Glue wiggle eyes onto the frog and draw on the smile.

Glue the frog to the lily pad.

Add name from stick-on craft foam letters.

All done!

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