Large Juice Can Stool

Large Juice Can Stool

I worked with a lady whose husband made them. This is going back to 1978, he sold them and did quite well.

What you need

SCRAP 1/4″ & 1/2″ WOOD


He used large juice cans(we worked in a geriatric center and had ready supply).

Open one end with can opener and bend all sharp edges in (you can file off all burrs).

Next wash and thoroughly dry.

Take 6 cans, form circle with 5 and one in center (or form all in circle).

He soldered at tops and bottoms and file off burrs.

Use thin 1/4″ scrap wood for top and use 3/8″-1/2″ scrap wood for bottom.

Lay cans on wood and trace outline and cut around each arc.

Paint/stain or attach material to bottom. Same with top (can add batting or foam and cover with material).

Paint cans or glue fabric or use contact paper to sides making sure you trim well.

For bottom place NAS in position and screw with flat screw through bottom of cans into wood.

For top you can cut second piece of wood in shape of inside diameter of cans and screw to top this will act like a seal.

You can also use a hinge for the top attach to can and wood. Decorate any way you want, finish all raw edges by sanding add braid tassells etc.

The ones we all had with the 6-cans/1 in the center we used as sewing cans and they looked so cute cause you could stuff a lot in them.

The ones in a circle make a great hassock you could put small balls to act as legs.

He did some with handles and even made some with Campbell soup cans put handle on for little girls church purse.

Good luck. Hope this helped!


  1. I think I’ll try it with #10 cans. They usually become flower pots at my house. Two of the big cans are “high steppers” (all little kids need this version of stilts). Now several more will become a stool/hassock. Thanks for the good idea.

    A picture of your project would be nice. But your directions are clear enough to do this project in several incarnations without. I don’ t have a scanner either.

  2. I wonder if this would work with formula cans, without soldering. (Less reliable obviously since formula cans aren’t all metal). I was thinking, two layers of the cans, and padded with material and batting, and make a nifty little kids chair out of it. Almost like a footstool maybe. I like the idea, it’d be neat if it worked, because formula cans add up when you have a baby!

  3. My grandmother made these and so do I, but I don’t use wood and I wrap each can with fabric, and cover the top and bottom with fabric adding batting to the top. It’s all about hot glue, tape and hand sewing. Very simple.

  4. wish it had a picture!

  5. Would like to see a picture of an example

  6. I need pictures!!!!! I love this idea I just can’t visulize it.

  7. need PICTURES! Crafters are visual people 😀

  8. Glorybe-crafty says

    We made a simular on covered with quilt batting and material.

  9. cool

  10. Do you have a photo?! I really like this project. I think I’ll have to learn how to solder just to make it! And go hunting for cans. Sounds like it might take longer than 1-2 hrs, though.

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