Good Journaling is Easier Than You Think!

Good Journaling is Easier Than You Think!

For many Scrapbookers Journaling is something we just see everyone else doing believing that we either have nothing to say or nothing good enough to say. The basic rules for journaling is to capture the theme of the picture, for example the who, what and where are just the beginning. What was the mood? How was the weather?

Here are a few tips to help you with your journaling inhibitions keeping in mind that even if you really do Not have anything to say that there are quotes, sayings, poems, lyrics and one liners that you can add to your layout.

What you need



Using a Scrap of paper jot down one worded feelings, emotions and info that are relevant to the day this will make it easier to compose it all together later.

Use adjectives and adverbs. Colorful words make for interesting journaling.

Embellish your journaling with words just like you do your scrapbook pages! Don’t rush it, if you don’t feel creative then don’t journal at that time.

Write down some notes and come back to it later.

For future reference when you are taking your photos jot down some notes of funny things the kids said, where you were, the time of day etc. All could be helpful for the journaling later.

Time invested in detailed journaling is time well spent for your family and generations to come allowing them an insight into their family history.


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