Felted Christmas Stocking

Felted Christmas Stocking

Get ready for Christmas with these homemade stockings!

What you need

Yarn – Worsted weight, 100% wool yarn for felting, such as Lamb’s Pride Worsted by Brown Sheep, Galway by Plymouth, or Cascade 220. Main Color (A): 1 skein; Contrast Colors (B) and (C): small amounts.
Three skeins of wool will yeild three stockings


Gauge: 16 stitches and 20 rows = 4″ in stockinette stitch (before felting).

Size will vary depending on yarn and amount of felting. Models shown were knit in Lamb’s Pride Worsted and only lightly felted (some stitch definition remains). They measure 6-1/2″ x 15″, finished.


1) Certain colors (white and yellow, in particular) may not felt. It is essential to swatch to test the felting properties of the wool!

2) Felting: Set washer load size to small and fill with very hot water. Add a small amount of mild soap. Place stocking in a mesh bag and toss in the washer with several pairs of jeans. Agitate, checking size every five minutes. Do not run through the spin cycle. When fabric is desired density and approximate size has been reached, remove stocking and rinse thoroughly in cool water. Roll in a towel to remove as much excess water as possible. Pull, press, and pat into shape and allow to dry completely.


With A, cast on 56 stitches. Distribute on 4 needles (14 sts each) and join in a round. Work 10 rounds in A. Work 4 rounds in B, 2 rounds in C, 2 rounds in A, 2 rounds in C, and 4 rounds in B. Continue in A for 39-3/4 rounds more. (End the last round after knitting the stitches on needle 3.)

Reserve stitches for heel: Slip the first st on needle 4 as if to purl. Work remaining 13 with waste yarn. Work 13 sts on needle 1 with waste yarn. Slip the last st as if to purl.

Foot: Beginning with the first st slipped (this is now the beginning of all remaining rounds), work 15 rounds in A.

Shape toe: Rnd 1 – on each needle: k2tog, knit to last 2 sts, ssk; Rnd 2 – knit even
Repeat these two rounds until 4 sts remain on each needle. Last decrease round: k2tog, ssk around. Break off yarn and thread through remaining 8 sts. Pull up and thread end to inside.

Heel: (on-site demo)Carefully remove waste yarn, replacing 26 sts each on top and bottom. Pick up one extra stitch each end of each needle. Beginning at one end, distribute sts evenly on 4 needles (14 sts on each needle). Shape heel as for toe.

Finishing: With A, pick up and knit 56 sts around the top of stocking. With C, work a 3-stitch attached I-cord(on-site demo) around the top. Work 20-25 rows of unattached I-cord(on-site demo) and sew the end to the inside to form a loop for hanging. Weave in ends and felt.

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  2. Love the stockings – what size needle did you use to achieve the gauge specified in the pattern? Thanks.

  3. ah-dorable! i have got to make one!

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