Felt Christmas Church – Tissue Box

Felt Christmas Church – Tissue Box

This Christmas Bible craft project shows you how to make a decorative church out of felt to form a tissue box cover.

What you need

Felt –
Grey – 25 cm x 70 cm.
Dark grey – 25 cm x 25 cm.
Gold – 25 cm x 14 cm
White – 25 cm x 52 cm



Start by printing the patterns below. Each pattern should fit flush onto an A4 computer sized paper.

Church Tissue Box Pattern 1

Church Tissue Box Pattern 2

Church Tissue Box Pattern 3

Church Tissue Box Pattern 4

Cut out all your pieces in card first.

Church – Cover all your grey pieces – two sides / two ends / one top (with the hole cut out) / two gable ends / steeple .

Lay them flat on the felt, allow 1/2 inch or 1 cm for turning and cut them out. Turn the edges over and glue into place.

Once you have all your pieces of the box either stitch or glue then together.

To cover the box – It should be loose enough to go over the tissue box nice and easy. (Use the picture for direction).

Felt Church Top

Steeple – For the steeple you will need a box at least 12 inch or 25 cm high so it comes above the roof line. Once the roof is on (I used a freezer bag box ) set it to one side until you have put your church door and clock on.

Before you glue the steeple on to the church section, cut out and glue on the gold section of the windows (6 on each side) followed by the dark grey outer window frame.

(Use the picture for direction).

Felt Church Tissues

Next glue the steeple to the church. The steeple can either have a flat roof or a cone shape, like the one in the picture. Top it off with white felt for snow. (Use the picture for direction).

Roof – Lay your two pieces of roof on the white felt pushing the two pieces together. Where they come together will be the top of the roof which will allow the roof to bend.

You will need to allow around 1.5″ or 3 cm on both the long sides for the snow drift.

Now glue your pieces to the felt.

Once it is secure glue the gable ends in place. One gable end should be at the very edge which will be the steeple end and the other end over hangs slightly.

To stop it from slipping, pin it in position until the glue dries. Finish by gluing the top snow drift section on (use the picture for direction).

Do not glue the roof to the church. It should just sit nicely on the top of the church, to be lifted when you need a tissue.

That’s it done! Looks great and would make a lovely gift for someone special.

Felt Church Finished

What do you think of this project? Let us know!