Heart Candle Jar Holder

Heart Candle Jar Holder

A pickle jar to a country style candle holder idea with heart shapes. Includes advice on paints to use.

What you need

One-24 oz. Pickle jar


1″ and 2″ foam brushes
Loew-cornell 3/8″ angular
Old toothbrush

DecoArt- Americana Ultra gloss paint, color chocolate

DecArt-Americana Acrylic paint
Rookwood Red Black Plum
Light Buttermilk

Delta Clear Gloss Glaze step #3

Micron Pigma pen- black ink- tip #05
Krylon Matt Spray Finish #1311
1-1/2″ x 18″ fabric strip to wrap around rim of jar
6″x6″ piece of contact paper

Trace 2 hearts onto your contact paper, cut out and remove the backing.
Place one heart on each side of the jar. Leave hearts there until all painting and glazing has been done.

Base entire jar inside and outside of rim also- with the Ultra Gloss Chocolate paint. I use a foam brush for this. This paint does not need to cure like the house paint. Use a blow dryer in-between each coat. You will need to apply at least 2 coats in order to get good coverage, possibly 3.

When the last coat of the Ultra-Gloss chocolate is dry. Apply the Rookwood Red over all of the chocolate paint. Again a foam brush is fine for this application. Apply as many coats as needed to cove the chocolate paint.

With eh 3/8″ angular brush, float Black Plum around the edges of each heart.
Also float Black Plum around bottom of jar, at top of rim, inside and out. Let dry.

With an old toothbrush spatter entire jar with Light Buttermilk.

When paint is completely dry spray the Krylon matt spray finish #1311 around the edges of each heart. Let dry. With the Micron pen, make stitch marks around the outside edges of the hearts. Make sure the ink is completely dry and then spray the hearts again with the Krylon matt spray finish.

Apply the Delta Clear Gloss Glaze step #3, to your jar, using a foam brush.

Leave the contact paper in place until the glaze is very dry-about 15-20 min. (with a blow dryer about 2 to 3 min.) When jar is ready, use a needle or pin to pull one section of the heart away from the surface of the jar. Continue to pull until the heart is completely off of the jar. Fold fabric strip in half. Tie around rim, cut tails to desired length.

Add a votive to the inside of the jar and you have a nice country candle holder!

Painting on Jars


  1. Sandra Lemstra says

    I love painting glass

  2. That is SOOO CUTE!!!!! 😀 I’m going to have to try this!:)

  3. Supper cute! Nice house warming gift!

  4. This is cute! I love it! I’m going to try it with stars instead. 🙂

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