Evergreen Wreath

Evergreen Wreath

This Christmas craft project shows you how to make your own wreath with evergreens and bottle tops.

What you need

Gardening shears
Twist ties
Plastic Lid from a disposable container (like a Cool-Whip or coffee container.)
Evergreen clippings
Recycled bottle caps
Red acrylic paint
White acrylic paint
White glue
A pencil
Foam snowflakes
Green marker
Hot glue
Hot glue gun


Carefully cut the center out of the plastic lid. The remaining rim will provide the framework for your wreath.

Snip evergreen clippings into small sections.

Color the twist ties with the green marker. This will help to keep them from being seen.

Fasten clippings to the plastic frame with twist ties. Overlap cuttings to hide the twist ties and the rim.

Keep layering on the evergreens until you’re happy with the size and shape of your wreath. Don’t let the size of the frame fool you. You can make your wreath a mini or keep layering on the greens for a fancy full-size wreath.

When your wreath is “just so” fashion a loop from a twist tie and attach it to the backside of your wreath to make hanging easy.

Paint the bottle caps with white paint. Add enough layers to cover the cap completely, letting paint dry between layers. Use the red paint to add swirls and create these starlight mint ornaments.

Affix ornaments to wreath with hot glue.

Cut 6” lengths of ribbon. Spread a very thin layer of white glue on the ribbon and wrap it around a pencil. Let dry.

Remove the ribbon from the pencil and you will have a pretty ribbon spiral.

Wind the spirals around the greenery of your wreath to keep them in place.

Use hot glue to add foam snowflakes to your wreath for even more added color.

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