Forget Me Not Blossom Bracelet

Forget Me Not Blossom Bracelet

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What you need

1x Swarovski Turquoise Flat back [AC1035]
1x Swarovski Topaz Flat back [AC1040]
4x Round Connectors [F937]
1x Flat Leather Clasp [F851]
1x Silver 8mm Jumping’s [F1160]
1x Gold 3mm Leather [TC540]
1x Fevi Kwik [W271]


Step 1: Cut 3 lengths of leather cord approx. 9 inches in length. Squeeze one or two drops of fevi kwik glue into one half of the clasp and glue each of the 3 cords in.

Step 2: Thread 5 jumprings over all 3 cords, placing them approx. 5cm from the clasp.

Step 3: Glue a SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS flat back into each of your round settings. Leave for a minute to dry.


Step 4: You could choose to use all the same colour or vary the colours.


Step 5: Thread your first crystal in setting on to the middle cord and glue into position approx. 1cm from the jump rings you added earlier.


Step 6: Add another 2 crystals to this centre cord and glue so they sit next to each other.


Step 7: Position 2 crystals on each of the outer cords and glue into place to form the blossom flower shape.


Step 8: Thread on another 5 jump rings and use to bring the cords together around your blossom flower.


Step 9: Cut your remaining cords to length and glue into the other side of the magnetic clasp.

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