Easy To Sew Kids Gaiter Mask

Easy To Sew Kids Gaiter Mask

This sewing tutorial shows you how to make an easy Gaiter mask for kids sized 7-12.

What you need

Sewing machine threaded with white thread
Jersey knit (exact print purchased at Hobby Lobby)
Sewing scissors
Measuring tape


1. Measure out a piece of fabric 17×14.5”

2. Fold the 14.5” side of the fabric in half with the print sides facing each other.

3. The gaiter will fold together at 7.25×17”, the 7.25” ends will be the openings.

4. With the print sides facing each other, pin the 17” open end together.

5. Sew the pinned edge together using a straight stitch, making sure to back stitch the beginning and end.

6. Trim any loose threads and slip over your head.

This should fit any kids sized (Age 7-12).


  1. Rebecca Payne says

    Great idea.

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