Dollar Tree Foil Tray – Sunflower Farmhouse Wall Art

Dollar Tree Foil Tray – Sunflower Farmhouse Wall Art

Dollar tree foil trays are being used to create rustic farmhouse style wall art. In this tutorial we show you how to make a tin sunflower using throw away cookie sheets or maybe even oven sheets from your local Dollar Tree store.

It is super cheap and fun kids or adults craft activity.

What you need

4 Foil baking trays
Acrylic paints and paint brushes
Craft glue
Petal pattern


Of course you will first need to buy these sheets from your local Dollar Tree store. 🙂

For this tutorial you will need some sharp scissors, I do not recommend using your good scissors so either purchase a throwaway pair or some inexpensive kitchen scissors for this job.

For this farmhouse style wall art you will need 4 tin trays. You can, however, make your sunflower larger or smaller (more trays or less trays) Basically you need 10 small petals and 15 large petals and one flower centre.

You can create your own petal template on paper and then cut it out or you can use this template  This website also has loads of different petal designs if you would like to try making a different style flower.

Cut out your petals and then begin painting them. Start with the base color and then add the shading. Shade your petals by placing the darker shades of yellow around the outside of each petal as shown in the image above.

Once finished glue all the pieces together and hang on a wall.

These photos were contributed by Denise E.  Thanks for sharing your DIY Dollar Tree creation Denise.

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  1. Rebecca Payne says

    I love this project. So creative.

  2. Misty Dawn Jones says

    The image above shows her using chalk paint and that’s what I plan on using. It’s worked the best for me in the past.

  3. I tried making these with acrylic paint and it was very sticky and smeared easily. Would it be better to use chalk paint?

  4. Claudis Pauley says

    Beautiful sunflowers could you share the colors you used on the sunflowers petals

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