Earrings – Babybel Cherries

Earrings – Babybel Cherries

Ever wondered what to do with the wax from your Babybel cheese? Well we did and now we have a fun project for you to try.

What you need

4 Mini Babybel cheeses
2 6-inch lengths brown or green hemp string
round toothpick
2 earrings


First, wash the red wax wrappers from cheese rounds. Dry.

Place one wax half inside the other.

Roll both pieces into a ball. The warmth of your hand will soften the wax.

Repeat with three more wax rounds.

Next, poke a round toothpick through the center of each ball. Remove toothpick.

Thread earrings onto the hemp string and tie a knot to secure.

Then, thread ‘cherries’ onto string.

Finally, tie a knot on one end of the string and pull until knot meets the bottom of the cherry. Press knot into the wax.

Finished and ready to wear!



Altered Art – Junk Bracelet

This tutorial shows you how to take broken jewellery pieces and turn them into something new

What you need

Bracelet with clasp
assorted beads and scrap items
broken earrings
broken necklace chains
jump rings
jewelry wire
round nose pliers


This Altered art project shows you how to turn broken jewelry pieces, single earrings and odds and ends into a beautiful altered art junk bracelet.

The key to creating a beautiful altered art bracelet it layers of different items. For this project we used :

broken earrings
broken lengths of necklace chains
old necklace pendants

and just attached them to the bracelet chain using jump rings.

Oddments of beads have been added using jewelry nose pins that were hand made using lengths of wire. Simply take your length of wire and twist one end into a loop using your round nose pliers. Add your beads and then close the length of wire by forming another loop with your pliers.

Randomly add your oddments to the bracelet chain creating a layered look.


  1. Peggy Wieting says

    Precious idea! Thanks for thinking of it, and for sharing!

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