DIY Crystal Wreath

DIY Crystal Wreath

Create this beautiful wreath using crystals this season to adorn your mantel, door or window and make a statement! It is super easy to make and creates a glowing effect.

What you need

2 lengths of large-and-small crystal garland
3 lengths of all-large crystal garland
Wire cutters
Extruded Styrofoam wreath form
Bank pins


Cut apart garlands with wire cutters.

Attach a crystal to wreath form by pressing a bank pin through each hole.


Repeat, placing crystals as close together as you can and using smaller ones on top to fill in gaps. (Don’t worry if they are not all flush — this creates dimension.)

If you plan to hang wreath against a wall or door, leave back side uncovered. If hanging in a window, cover entire form with crystals.

Tie ribbon around wreath.

All done!

Reprinted with permission from Martha Stewart Living December Edition. Photos by Matthew Williams. Courtesy of Martha Stewart Living. Copyright © 2013.



  1. It is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  2. this is beautiful. Would make a great centerpiece for table, but I am wondering if it would be to heavy to hang as a wreath?

    • If you supported it by hanging with a widely spaced ribbon to take the weight equally, it might not be too heavy.

      But I think I love your idea of a centerpiece even more!! Sit it on a crystal charger, throw in some rice seed lights–beautiful! Would even work for a wedding!!

  3. phyllis wetzel says

    i looked and looked for crystal garland but never found it. so i checked the price of crystal beads and whoo! i would have to insure the wreath. so i covered the styrofoam with glue and used a crystal dust or powder, looks great and only half an hour to make.

  4. This is so beautiful and truly a labor of love. Will I be able to spend the time to do it? I guess we’ll see since I’m going to. I’ll be turning 80 in a couple days I hope I live long enough to finish it.

  5. It’s gorgeous, but when I first saw it, I thought it was crystal beads! As in glass beads, since I am a beader!! I thought, wow that is going to be expensive to make one big enough to hang on a door!! LOL Not sure I would have time to do it for this year, but am sure going to save it for next!! I might even make some small ones to include in my craft booth next year.

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