Dish Cloth/Towel Shirt

Dish Cloth/Towel Shirt

This dish cloth/towel craft project is a great little craft for fund raisers and charity stalls.

What you need

2 dishcloths
rubber bands


Take your 2 dishcloths: fold one cloth half way to the middle and then the other half.

Fold top of shirt inward to look like collar.

Next roll the other dishcloth and put rubber band in middle to form shirt sleeves.

I used stitches to tack the sleeves in various places to the shirt.

Then I took yarn and did the cross stitch starting at bottom and working to top and tie the bow.

You can take a stitch to hold in place anywhere you think one is needed but remember these crafts may want to be taken apart. So I tried to make it easy as possible.

created by Patricia McCann


  1. I don’t think it’s meant to be worn.

  2. the sleeve part tacks on to the back on the shirt? I am unclear on how you attach the sleeves.

  3. Cute idea!

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