Valentine’s Day Romantic Candle

Valentine’s Day Romantic Candle

This Valentine's day craft shows you how to make a romantic dinner candle for your dinner or table setting.

What you need

1 ready made white pillar candle
pink felt
1 yard of rustic twine – could be changed for cord
craft glue


For this Valentine’s day candle you will need a store bought/ready made candle. You can also use a battery operated candle if you prefer.

Remember before you light this candle you will need to remove the trimmings.

Tie the string around the candle with the knot facing the back. You can secure it with some craft glue and then later cut the knot away once it has dried.

Run a line of glue down the back of the candle and continue wrapping the string around. You want to make sure each line of string is flat and not overlapping as it makes it look much nicer.

Finish off the string by gluing it in place at the back.

Cut a small pink or red heart out of felt and pop it onto the front of the candle with the craft glue.

These candles look nice added to gift boxes and hampers.


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