Glass Stick-Ons

Glass Stick-Ons

This project is great for kids and also for decorating mirrors and glass doors in classrooms or bedrooms for a temporary decoration or design.

What you need

white paper glue

food coloring

clear plastic film


Start by mixing a few drops of coloring to the white glue and stir it well. If you want more then one color then make little tubs up using different food colors.

Draw a design onto paper or use a coloring book picture.

Now put your design under the clear film and trace over it with a continuous bead of glue and then fill in the inside of the pattern making one big glue picture.

Let it dry for at least half a day then peel your project off the plastic.

Stick it up on some glass or on a mirror.

NOTE: Do not place them directly into sunlight or heat as the glue will become tacky again.


  1. my 10 year old and 6 year old girls love to make these:) I use coloring book pages which I put in sheet protectors (they’re sturdier and easier to handle). I also use fabric paint. I start out by tracing the picture in black and then when that’s dry all the kids have to do is fill it in. It’s easier for them that way.

  2. So simple, and soooo sweet!

  3. So simple, and soooo sweet!

  4. hugothecat says

    thats cool and i am gonna make one

  5. can you use sheet protecters instead of clear plastic film?

  6. great, easy and cute craft.
    i liked it becuase you don’t need to go and buy stuff from stores.

  7. very creative

  8. add a cute pisture and everyone will adore it!

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