Christmas Wish Wall Art

Christmas Wish  Wall Art

This frame can be used as a last minute Christmas decoration or gift idea. Follow the tutorial and give it a try.

What you need

To make this project you’ll need:

Foam board
Golden spray paint
Hot glue gun
Cardstock paper
X-acto and scissors
Glitter powder – golden
White glue
Scrabble letters



Step-1: Cut out the border for the frame from foam board. Use a colored cardstock for the base of the frame, better to use green, red, silver or golden, this will give a Christmas look to the frame. Use hot glue to trace lines around the sides of the frame’s border.


Step-2: Use golden spray to paint the border and allow the paint to dry. After the paint dries glue the red cardstock base at the back side of the border.


Step-3: Collect scrabble letters for the sentence ‘OH HOLY NIGHT’. In case you don’t have any scrabble letters you can simply print out the letters, which I also did. Glue the letters on the base of the frame by aligning each word along the center.


Step-4: Cut out a star shape and a square from paper. Apply craft glue and then sprinkle golden glitter powder on them. Glue these 2 shapes on the base as well, by placing the star on the top and the square on the bottom.

Finally attach a stand or a hanging mechanism at the back side of the frame as you want.

What do you think of this project? Let us know!