Fabric Crackers

Fabric Crackers

These fabric crackers are a lovely way to decorate your Christmas Table and are easy to make using a toilet roll.

What you need

Toilet Roll
Fabric or Felt
Craft glue


Take your fabric and cut a rectangle big enough to go around your empty toilet roll. It should also be long enough to create the tufts of the cracker at either end.

I can not give you dimensions as it is my experience toilet rolls do vary a little bit!

If you are making a lot of these you could use cardboard rolls from cling wrap or foil too.

Take the glue and glue the fabric around the roll.

You can add small trinkets at this point.

Tie the ends up as shown in the picture and your cracker is complete.

For a fun variation on this make a large one that can hang from the ceiling or make one as a fun table centerpiece.


  1. I think these are very cute, but I would rather make them wrapped in tissue or wrapping paper. I think that is more along the lines of the traditional crackers that are pulled open. That is how I made them last year.

    However, I suppose if you used fabric, you could reuse them year after year, which is nice.

    To answer the guest who is wondering about how to pull these crackers apart, I would imagine since they are fabric and the ends are tied with ribbon, you couldn’t technically pull them apart, you simply untie them to get your trinkets out.

  2. We used these with gift paper and filled with candies, money or coupons. Then raffled them at a charity fundraiser. It was s huge success. They were adorable!

  3. I DID read the project. If you noticed, the directions say “you can add trinkets at this point”. Trinkets…insided…get it? Still don’t think it’s logical.

  4. They don’t contain crackers pulls as they are meant to be decorative. Read the project before you comment.

  5. Just wondering…if you use fabric instead of paper, wouldn’t it make the crackers very hard to pull apart????

  6. salterwales@tiscali.co.uk says

    to look attractive and professional the ends should be stiffened to equal the shape of the body

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