How To Make A Country Flower Pot

How To Make A Country Flower Pot

Use Styrofoam to make a flower pot with a country theme

What you need

Styrofoam Ball, 2 inch
Styrofoam Ball, 1 inch
Styrofoam Scrap Sheet Or Block, 2×2
Faded Blue and White Polka Dotted Blanket Binding, 64×1/2 inch
Faded Red and White Polka Dotted Blanket Binding, 54×3/4 inch
Green and White Polka Dotted Blanket Binding, 18×1/2 inch
Green Flower Stem Craft Wire, 18×1/8 inch
Faded Red Raffia, a small fistful, or 1/3 cup
Clay Flower Pot, at least 4 inches tall
Yellow Craft Paint
White Craft Paint
Candle Stub or Paraffin Wax
Tacky Glue


1. Cut both styrofoam ballx in half. For easier cutting, coat knife with candle or paraffin wax. Place each ball, flat side down, on a protected surface for painting.

2. Cover all four halves light yellow, and let dry. Use a tiny round shape, like the end of a paintbrush handle, and white paint to cover the balls in small dots. Let dry.

3. Take green binding and open up the fold. Cover fold in glue, then close binding around flower stem wire. Push along the fold to make sure both sides of the binding stick tightly to the stem. Let dry.

4. Twist wire gently in half, so a small loop is made at the bottom. Make the fold uneven, with one side 4 inches longer than the other.

5. Once flowers are complete and attached to stem, as directed below, take a clay flower pot, at least 4 inches tall, and paint it the same light yellow as the flower centers.

6. When the pot is dry, glue Styrofoam block to the inside bottom. Add some rocks to the bottom of the pot for weight, without covering the block. Put a little glue at the looped bottom of the flower stem and push it into the block. Let dry.

7. Cover block and rocks by filling the rest of the pot with faded red raffia. Wrap the remaining blue and white binding around pot and glue the ends together neatly, so it appears seamless. Now place flower against a wall or in the middle of a table, it looks great either way.

Large Flower Instructions:

1. Cut 7 strips of blue binding, and 7 strips of red. Make each strip 4-inches long. Fold strip over evenly, so the ends meet. Glue ends together, making a loop. Repeat gluing until all strips are loops. Let dry.

2. Take one ball half and glue loops of binding around ball like petals, with the binding tips attached to the ball. Interchange blue and red all around the ball. Let dry.

3. Place long side of flower stem wire on flat side of ball and glue, then let dry. Take other 2 inch ball half and glue it over the petals and wire, so that the flower has a center from front and back.

Small Flower Instructions:

Cut 4 strips of blue binding, and 4 strips of red. Make each strip 2 1/2 inches long. Repeat remaining steps from large flower. Glue small flower on short end of wire.

All done!

What you need

Bunches of paper roses
Hot glue gun with sticks
Terra cotta pots
Terra cotta paint
Paint brushes


These rose party picks are perfect for parties, mothers day tea’s, high teas or weddings.

Remove the roses from the wire stems. Unbundle the roses and hold the bloom in one hand and pull the wire with the other. Inside the bloom is a tiny piece of Styrofoam that holds the wire in place, you want to leave this for the rose to keep its shape.

Plug in the hot glue gun and allow to heat. 
Insert the tip of the glue gun into the hole the wire came from and place a small dab of glue. 
Insert a toothpick into the hole and secure in the Styrofoam. Set aside to dry.
Paint the pot with the white terra cotta paint as a primer and allow to dry. Then, paint the pots to match the décor of your event.
Arrange the flowers in the pot, you can add a small piece of floral foam or a ball of clay to the bottom of the pot to keep the picks in place.


  1. Aww, I love it! What’s more, my daughter is begging me to make it for her room. There goes another project added to my list!

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