Wristlet – Dainty Lace

Wristlet – Dainty Lace

This dainty lace wristlet is perfect for carrying valuables during the wedding (especially for a bride who loves to Facebook and Tweet!), and is still a practical accessory after the wedding!

What you need

White lace trim
White fabric
7” zipper


Start by downloading the pattern here: Dainty Lace Wristlet Pattern.


To make the handle strap for the wristlet, cut a 14” strip of the lace trim. Fold it into half or 3 times (depending on how narrow you want it to be).


Stitch it down from the beginning to the end of the strap.


Cut 4 pieces of fabric of the PDF pattern; 2 as the main fabric, and the other 2 as the lining.

Sew lace trim onto 2 of the pieces individually.

006  005

Cover the whole 2 pieces in lace, letting the edges of the lace hang slightly longer than the fabric. This will be your outer piece.


Take 1 laced outer piece and place a lining piece onto it, wrong sides facing.


Pin the pieces together.


Serge all around the edges, cutting away any excess lace. Repeat for the other 2 pieces.


Position the zipper with the zipper head on the left side, right side up. Place 1 of the piece right side down onto the edge of the zipper.  Pin and stitch.


This is what you will have now.


Now place the other piece right side down onto the zipper, aligning it with the other piece. Pin and stitch.


Pull the zipper tab towards the center of the wristlet to leave an opening to turn the bag inside out later.


Fold the strap you made earlier into half, and pin the raw edges to the side of the wristlet, just below the zipper.


Pin both pieces together right sides facing, and sew 1cm from the edges.


Trim away the excess zipper edges.


Turn the bag inside out through the zipper opening.

Enjoy your dainty lace wristlet!


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