Patriotic 4th of July American Flag Collage

Patriotic 4th of July American Flag Collage

A simple patriotic craft to get the kids involved in. They will have fun cutting, gluing and tagging!

What you need

Tag Board, Old Magazines, Scissors, glue, paper, Star punch or star stickers


Create this flag by first cutting out red, white and blue images from an old magazine.

Once cut out, you will glue the red images onto a piece of tag board where the red stripes on the flag should go.

Next, make strips of white paper and add your white images. Trim the sides to make it another strip and paste those down where the stripes should go.

Finally, make a square with a collage of the blue images.

Attach that to the tag board. Use a star punch to cut out white stars and glue to the blue square. It’s as easy as that and you have a beautiful piece of American art.

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