Kids Foam Stamps

Kids Foam Stamps

For this home made stamp we are using store bought foam shapes, which you can buy at your local craft store.

What you need

Craft glue
Jar lid
Foam shapes
stamp ink


We have used a small bee shape. Glue the shape to a large orange washing liquid bottle. Once the glue has dried its easy to use.

Just press it into the ink and stamp away.

The bigger the lid, the bigger the stamp you could make and also the easier it is for little hands to hold.

If you want to make your own stamp inkΒ Try This Ink Recipe.


  1. It is an easy, creative way to make stamps, and they are so inexpensive

  2. a very very innovative idea…. with really handy stuff… i liked is esp coz most times i am looking for a specific sdhape and they NEVER have it in stock… :P…. now i dont have to wait for it…. mihgt as well make one myself…. thanks πŸ™‚

  3. thats such a cool idea, especially since stamps are usually so expensive

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